Are you a smiling person who rests in his own body and has good experience in front of a camera?

Then we have the job for you!

The job

As a model at Perfect Jeans, you show up in our Photoshoot on Abildvej 5A, 5700 Svendborg so you need to have the opportunity to attend the address as needed. Our photoshoots typically take a few hours and can both be with one to several models. It may be that we only need you for a single shoot and it may also be you can become one of our more fixed models.

Your skills
Our mission is to showcase all body types, skin colors, ages and gender so no matter how you look your application is very welcome. You have the courage to stand in front of a camera and have tried it earlier. You are outgoing and have the courage of new crazy ideas.

Is that you we are missing?
Send your application with CV to Signe at
For the application, 5-10 images of you must be uploaded. The pictures should be in good light and ideally a close-up of your face from both sides and full body images (preferably with jeans on).
Send a link to your social media. We process the applications on an ongoing basis.

Workplace:Abildvej 5A, 5700 Svendborg